Irish Theatre and Concerts

Triskellion Irish Theatre and Concert Productions bring to our audiences the best of Irish theatre, music and comedy. Triskellion is a partnership between Gerry Molumby and Patrick O’Connell and we plan to continue to produce quality professional shows to bring Irish entertainment to the Irish Diaspora as well as sharing it with a wider audience in Britain.

Do contact us and we can help you formulate a Gala Irish Concert for your Irish Festival or Community Centre. We have a good team of technicians, sound engineers and a proactive press.

Gerry Molumby and Patrick O’Connell

Launch of Photographic Catalogue (Gerry Molumby)

The contents of the catalogue are pictures I have taken in (in the past few years) in Ireland, throughout Europe and where I live in Nottinghamshire. They are a ‘snap shot’ of a larger library of pictures/scenes I have photographed.

I am interested to attend festivals, etc., or any other event where you think people would be interested to view and purchase the canvas prints. The pictures are available in large (20” X 28”) and medium (20” X 15”) sizes.

I would love to hear from you on any suggestions of how I can circulate the catalogue or showcase the pictures. All the prints are available in high quality jpeg format, if you wish to feature this venture in an article.

Triskellion on Tour

“The Rare Oul’ Times” – A two-act Irish play by Ken McElroy. Plus Séan Cannon of the Dubliners.

To bring this or any of our events to your Irish Centre/Festival or local theatre, please contact us.